Stake with Lido

SuperStaker uses the Lido liquid staking protocol to stake ETH that you supply, plus ETH proceeds borrowed from Aave.

Target LTV

In addition to the amount of ETH you want to stake, you also specify at target LTV (loan-to-value) ratio. The LTV determines how much will be borrowed on your behalf. The current maximum LTV for stETH on Aave is 69%. The higher the LTV you choose, the lower your Aave Health Factor will be, and the higher your risk. The higher the LTV chosen, the higher your net APR will be.

After SuperStaking, you will have debt approximately equal to the LTV chosen. For example, if you choose 69%, then the Aave debt will be ~69% the value of the supplied (deposited) stETH in Aave.

The debt will be initiated via an Aave flash loan.

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